Natural Stone

Natural stone, as the name implies, is a product that is produced through natural geological movements and formations that can occur over millions of years. These processes, varying globally from region to region, produce a wide variety of stones that possess a myriad of colors, variations, and movement.

Unlike porcelain, ceramics, and other materials natural stone is harvested, rather than made. This entails an inherent mark of authenticity within the stone; no two pieces of natural stone are alike and the authentic qualities of natural stone are readily apparent in its display. It is because of this and the robust structure of natural stone that it has been used throughout human history in the construction of everything from the Pyramids, to the Coliseum, to the Acropolis, and beyond.

We at Pacifica continue to adhere to our commitment to bring the treasures of nature that are natural stone products to the market and provide them at affordable prices to our faithful customers.


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