We at PACIFICA Wholesale understand the unique needs of our retail, wholesale, designer, builder , contractor and fabricator customers. With custom merchandising programs for each of these verticals, we strive to assist our customers to meet their natural stone needs. Whether your project is for commercial or residential purposes, the combination of selection, service and affordability make PACIFICA Wholesale Tile and Stone your choice for all your natural stone needs.

We at PACIFICA realize that merchandising will always be an important component of our business and sales cycle. With that in mind, PACIFICA has developed state of the art merchandising tools and services to keep our customers ahead of the curve and allow them to maximize profit and minimize cost and inventory. With our in-house sample department, we are able to deliver any median you might need in order to ensure a successful sale.

The tools are as follows:

  • Merchandising tower, with over 48 products on this custom tower, you will be able to show your customers a wide range of products in a small area.
  • Tile waterfalls, we offer 5 different custom waterfall displays to better show vast inventory of natural stones.
  • French pattern boards, we offer 3 different boards to show our french patterns.
  • Concept boards / range boards to educate the customers on the range.
  • Cut to size displays for custom showrooms.
  • Hand held boards for people on the go.
  • Paver displays to show our entire line of landscaping products.


We also offer training and support services to our customers staff and their customers in order to better educate and inform people of our products and services. The more knowledgeable people are, the better they will be in selling or selecting their natural stones for their projects.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our merchandising programs.