Pacifica F.A.Q. – 1

Do you sell to the public?

Because we are a wholesale operation, we do not sell to the public. We work with contractors, designers, installers, and retail shops who open accounts with us. It is common for a contractor to send a home-owner to our showroom to look at material. We are happy to greet them and show them many options, however we will not provide them with pricing.


Do you carry all of your material at your location?

Since we have 5 acres of land we are able to house thousands of square feet of material. This includes tiles, pavers, slabs, and mosaics.


Where does your material come from?

We are passionate about bringing the very best material to you from all around the world. This includes Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Cypress, Turkey, Syria, and Iran.


What is your price range?

We have something for everyone’s budget. We have very affordable options, as well as medium priced options and also high end options.


Do you have any other Location’s?

No. Our Anaheim, California location is our only location.


Do you have Granite Slabs and Prefabs?

Yes, we have full size slabs and we also have a large variety of pre-fabricated slabs.