Since our inception in 2003, we have worked tirelessly to import and sell natural stone products of fine quality and as consistently as possible. For us at Pacifica, Exceptional Service and Superior Quality are not just goals to aspire to or a simple corporate tagline we can attach to our logo to establish ethos; they are stalwart commitments. Our service and our quality are the foundational bedrock upon which we have built our company and will continue to do so for years to come.

  • Amazonia

      Name: Amazonia Stone Types: Marble Country of Origin: Slab Thickness: 2 CM Color Detail: Black, Green, Grey, White See below for latest inventory image

  • Matarazzo

    Name: Matarazzo Stone Types: Dolomite-Quartz/Quartzite Country of Origin: Brazil Slab Thickness: Color Detail: Off-White, Cream, Beige, Grey Special Notes:

  • Negro Levantine

    Name: Negro Levantine Stone Types: Marble Country of Origin: Turkey Slab Thickness: 2 CM Color Detail: Black Special Notes:


  • We have had a close working relationship with PACIFICA for over 10 years! We have seen them grow tremendously. They offer a range of products to fit every customer’s needs.

    Rodrigo Luchetti- Owner, LUCHETTI & LUCHETTI

  • As a contractor, I really appreciate PACIFICA taking care of me, and also taking such good care of my clients. When you walk into PACIFICA, you feel like part of the family!

    Bobby Benjamin- Owner, BEN TILE & STONE

  • Having strong business partners who stand behind their products is essential for our business. PACIFICA has offered World Class service from the very beginning!

    David Scelsi- Owner, SHELL SEA’S POOLS

  • “We have done business with Pacifica for over 7 years. They always have the latest and the greatest styles to choose from, great customer service and the best pricing around.”

    Alain Gulezyan- Director of Operations, IDL HOME